This course consists of 9 video lectures. Video lengths vary depending on the content allocated to that video. Almost all lectures has challenges inside which students need to solve. All challenges are indicated by the lecturer saying this is a challenge. When you hear that you need to stop the video and to try to solve the challenge. These challenges are based on the information that was taught before in the lecture. All challenges have answers and you can see them by resuming the video after attempting the challenge. Apart from the challenges in the lectures, I strongly advise you to challenge yourself by stopping the video and by trying to implement a feature on your own. Even if you fail to do so, this will improve your Android development and programming skills much further.

Introduction Lecture

Showcase of the final version of the app.

Lecture 1

Creating a new project, Android Studio tour and basic customisation of the app.

Lecture 2

Creating "Login Activity" GUI(graphical user interface).

Lecture 3

Creating "Set Password Activity" GUI.

Lecture 4

Implementing "Login Activity" and "Set Password Activity" logic, saving user password, authenticating user.

Lecture 5

Changing app icon and floating action button icon.

Lecture 6

Integrating SQLite Database classes.

Lecture 7

Modifying Android Manifest, adding new XML files and introducing Android official documentation.

Lecture 8

Adding and modifying XML and Java files for the final version.

Lecture 9

Implementing final features in "Main Activity".